Film 9’ I 1982

Director I Chantal Perrin

Cinematography I Phillipe Welt

Editing I Laurent Quaglio

Sound I Antoine Ouvrier

Producer I Jacques Arnaud

Coproduced by                Franco American Films

Broadcast                         Beaubourg (1982)

                                         Museum of Decorative Arts (2011)

Theatrical release             Franco American Films

Grand prix of Festival International du Film d’Art,1982

Directed by Chantal Perrin

Lately, the work of sculptors Claude et François Lalanne reached an iconic status with a real cult among private art collectors like Yves Saint Laurent or Valentino.

In 2011, a retrospective of their work was shown at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. This 9 minutes film, shot in 35 mm, presents them working in their atelier of Ury, close to Fontainebleau.